The Body Shop Vitamin C line Review

When you hear the words vitamin C what springs to mind? Maybe your answer was the sun, maybe it was brightness? Well for those of us who suffer from dull and tired skin it is no surprise that vitamin C is one of the most commonly used ingredients in brightening beauty products. And there is an explanation as to why it is so popular.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and its ability to brighten, smooth the epidermis and protect the skin against free radical damage makes it a top ingredient in the beauty industry. It is commonly used it many anti-aging products and also brightening ones too. So when I discovered that The Body Shop has a whole range dedicated to dull skin I couldn’t resist giving some of the products a go.

The first product that I tried is my ultimate favourite and I absolutely love it. That is the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser (£16). It’s an everyday moisturiser and you can use it day and night as it does not contain any SPF. I personally don’t mind that fact because it means you can make more use of it and you don’t have to spend more money on one for the day and another cream during the night. The smell is very citrusy but not overpowering. The gel consistency makes it go very smoothly on the skin and it is not as heavy as a cream so it sinks in pretty quickly. As far as moisturising goes – it is great for anyone with normal or only skin. Maybe if your skin is very dry you might need a heavier cream but this is a gem for the summer days!

The second one is another favourite of mine: the Vitamin C Instant Smoother (£17). At first, I felt like this was a very unusual product. It has the consistency of a gel but once you put it on your skin it did not seem to sink in at all. But give it a few minutes and your pores will look smaller and I felt like the texture of the skin was a lot smoother than usual. I would, however, recommend this product as the very last step of your skincare routine as I feel like it only then would make a difference and also it would not stop any other products sinking in your skin.

Then we have the Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion (£18) and the Daily Glow Cleansing Polish (£11). To sum them up, they are good but I felt like they did not really make an impression. The Microdermabrasion was a very good scrub which you can use twice a week but in comparison to some of my daily scrubs, its performance did not do a better job. The scrub itself is very fine which I like as I think it can be used by most people and even those with dry skin. But in terms of value for money, I would say there are better and cheaper products on the market. The Daily Glow also did not impress me. The gel formula did kind of foam but once I washed my face with it, it felt not only dry but like there is a leftover product on my skin. I did not notice a massive difference in the brightness of my skin either. Therefore I would not really recommend this product.

Moving on I have the Energising Face Mist (£12) and the Glow Protection lotion (£15). I tried to use The Face Mist as a toner after I washed my face and before I put any creams on but it felt very drying. I would say it is a good, fresh mist to have around if you don’t wear any makeup on a hot summer day but other than that I personally cannot find any space in my beauty regime for it. It does, however, smell lovely and makes you feel a lot more refreshed after spraying it on. And then last but not least I have the lotion. And I love this product. It’s not as heavy and it does contain a reasonable amount of SPF. It does make your makeup go great on top and I feel like combined with the Glow Moisturizer it does really maximise the brightening process.

Would I recommend? I give 4 stars to the Glow Moisturizer and the Instant Smoother as I really like them and I don’t think there any other products likewise on the market. In terms of the others, although I am not impressed, I don’t think they are bad. My only concern, however, is their price range and the results you are getting for your money is not particularly worth it. (please note this is an honest review and some products which work for me, might not work for you and vice versa)

All of the mentioned products can be found in The Body Shop or at the

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