The Body Shop Vitamin E cream and Eye Cube Review

During the harsh winter, our skin loses moisture and can also easily become dehydrated as we are constantly in and our of air-conditioned rooms. The problem, however, can be a bit more complicated for those who have oily or combination skin. Putting thick creams which will give you the moisture needed can also be too much and make your skin very oily.


So I went out and purchased the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, which is meant to give you hydration for 48 hours. And I must say I am incredibly happy with this cream. Its consistency is very light, the smell is not overpowering and most importantly it does give you enough hydration without being heavy. It says it is supposed to have a mattifying finish and that it has a cooling formula. I do agree that it is very light to the touch and it makes your skin look nice and matte but not dry like some mattifying creams have the tendency to do so. The cream comes in a glass jar, not the most convenient for travelling but it does look nice. Overall I consider this to be a good everyday cream as it gives your skin a boost, but I would not recommend this to people who actually have dry or very dry skin as I think it would not give enough moisture for the deeper layers of the epidermis.


The second product that I purchased was the Vitamin E eye Cube. And I must say I do skip putting on eye creams purely because my skin is sensitive as it is, especially in the eye area. And I feel like most of them are harsh and very heavy. But this Cube is absolutely amazing. It does give you a very cool feeling after you have applied it. It also smells nice but again the fragrance in it is just the right amount. It is very easy to apply as you just use the Cube itself and then tap gently with your ring finger. I am very impressed with this product and how effortlessly it is to work with it. It makes your skin radiant and makes it calm down as well as the action of getting rid of puffiness.



Would I recommend? 

Yes, to both of the products. The Sorbet is really nice for these days when your skin just needs a little extra. However only to people who’s skin is combination or oily.

The Cube is incredible. It is easy to apply and does a great job.

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