Bourjois City Radiance and Air Mat Foundations Review

Today I have two relatively new foundations to talk about. I have always been a fan of the French brand, however apart from their lipsticks I haven’t really had the chance to play with much of their makeup.

Bourjois has come up with the City Radiance and the Air Mat foundation. Both of them have almost identical packaging apart from the colour and both of them are priced the same – at £10.

The City Radiance foundation is designed to be worn in a polluted environment such as big cities. It claims that it has a filter that doesn’t let the dirt from sticking to your face. It has the SPF of 30, which is quite an unusual thing for a foundation as the majority of them have only an SPF of 15. When I swiped the formula in the drugstore it went evenly across my arm and it wasn’t at all heavy. The colour range is not the greatest but it definitely has a mix from the avarage skin colours and you can also mix and match them until you get the right shade. Upon application, however the foundation doesn’t slide evenly. The coverage is medium even though I though it was heavier in the shop. If you have dry skin or any patches of dry skin it will collect and would sit very obvious so that is a flaw. The wearability is also avarage. My skin is a combination of dry and only so it does get oily during the day. You can definitely smell the fragrance, but I would not say it’s upleasant. It is more on the citrusy side. 

Overall this foundation is, in my opinion, beautifully packaged. The shades could be better but it isn’t a struggle to find the right one as it has both – pink and orange undertones for the different skintypes. It is a big plus that it has high SPF which means you could skip the sunscreen. 

The second one is the Air Mat. It is supposed to last 24 hours and have a good, Matt coverage. In my opinion however the formula is almost the same as the City Radiance. The only difference is the smell. The Air Mat has a stronger citrusy smell. It does get oily and picks up any dry areas of your face. The packaging is the same, but the coloring is orange. 

Final thoughts

Both foundations are great everyday ones. They are easy to carry around. The coverage is about one idea more than medium. I would say they are for people who have normal to oily skin as it really sits on top of the skin and picks up any dry areas and makes them really apparent. Compared to other drugstore foundations this would not be my top pick but is definitely worth the money as it is just 10 pounds.

Both foundations can be found in Superdrug and Boots in the U.K. 


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