Clarins Lotus Facial Oil Review

In recent months, facial oils have taken the beauty market by storm. Hair oils, body oils… Many beauty journalists have been including them in fashion magazines and blogs. So what is science behind the glass bottles?

Facial oils are said to be pure, not as heavy as creams and easily absorbent. They also hydrate the deeps layers of the skin and hold on to moisture better than creamy products. This makes for a fast application and easy use. So I went on a mission to see which brand has been gaining great reviews and of course if it is value for money. I am not going to lie that the choice is more than overwhelming. From brands selling their products at low prices (as low as £4) in drugstores to the high-end counters. And somewhere in between, I stumbled upon the Clarins Lotus Facial Oil.


Clarins offers 3 kinds of facial oils all with ingredients according to the needs your skin type wants. One for oily/combination skin (the Lotus one), one for dry skin (Santal) and one for dehydrated skin (Blue Orchid). So far I have tried the one for dehydrated skin and I must admit that is incredible. It does smooth your skin and makes it hydrated but not oily. However, I wanted to make more use from my oil and got the Lotus one. It claims it would hydrate the dry patches of your skin and also balance it out if you are more on the oily side. So far I am impressed with the quality of the product. It doesn’t make your skin heavy, it absorbs rather quickly and it is very easy to use.

Would I recommend/repurchase: Yes. It is great value for money and it lasts a long time.

Retail price: £30

Overall if you have money to splurge on your facial routine then this might be the product for you if you have any of the following concerns. Do try a sample beforehand as this might not be the product for you and it is more on the pricier side.



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